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These unique liquid probiotics have been cultured specifically to relieve Psoriasis. The bacteria are known as “microbial metabolites” which produce metabolic enzymes. These important enzymes remove harmful cells, produce energy, and strongly influence balanced immune system function.

This is the main aspect that sets Ozona’s probiotics apart from all the others available. These are plant and soil-based organisms which are strong and resilient, surviving the stomach acid and reaching the Ileum of the gut, where they need to be to help relieve leaky guy syndrome and the triggers of Psoriasis. There are many people experiencing positive results.

This is a unique product, not Probiotics you can get from yogurt or just plant based Probiotics. This is both soil and plant based Probiotics. This advance formulated soil and plant based liquid Probiotics is specifically intended for the relief of Psoriasis and skin ailments.

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