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Our network of YouTube pages refer over $30,000 a month in Amazon referrals.  That means people watch our reviews and buy the products that earn a five star rating.  The graph below is a screen capture of our sales for a 90 day period.


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This page is partnered with over 50 successful YouTube channels.  The 911Reviews network has over one billion minutes watched and over one billion views!  That means when we review your product, it has the potential for millions of viewers!


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911Reviews will review your product or or gadget and provide a written or video review for publishing on YouTube or online.

Service #2

We can provide custom commercials for your unique product or design.  If you need a commercial for your product, we have the creative team for you!

Service #3

We can promote your social media page, manage your YouTube page or provide viewership for your social media account.

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Interested in a sponsored review where we focus on the best aspects of your product?  Contact us directly!